Miniature Pig medicine
for worming and mites
for you miniature pig. It controls both
worms and mites in one does.  Give it to
you pig every 6 months.  It will com in
injectable form.  It however can also be
given by mouth with some bread.  Read
the instructions to make sure you do
not give your miniature pig too much.
Miniature pig Shampoo for healthy skin!
Miniature pigs are naturally clean
animals with a tendency to have dry
skin.  Central Life Science shampoo is
specially formulated with PH balance
that will insure your miniature pig's skin
will stay healthy.  
Home-Again Micro Chip
Insure the safe recovery of your
miniature pig with Home-Again
Micro Chip.  The chip is registered
through the American Kennel Club
to insure a fast safe recovery of
your miniature pig in the event
your miniature pig becomes lost.
Pet Safe Wireless Pet Containment System
PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment
System is a wireless pet containment
system that works up to a 1/2 mile
area.  It is a great system to insure that
your miniature pig does not wounder
too far from home.
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products by clicking on
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Below is a good schedule to follow for pet
miniature pig vaccinations and

Miniature Pig DE-WORMING RECORD---

2 weeks, Wazine
4 weeks, Panacur
6 weeks, Ivomec
8 weeks, Panacur and Strongid for 5 days
10 weeks, Ivomec
12 weeks, Atgard4, Ivomec  
Click below to see vacination schedule
for other than pet miniature pigs.
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